General Information

All information including competition dates, programs, rules, policies, contacts, centre records etc. can be found in the Southern Stars Fixture & Information Handbook, which will be released shortly.

The season will rotate through a 3 week cycle four times, starting with Program 1 on Saturday October 12 and concluding with a two day program for the Centre Championships weekend Feb 1st and 2nd 2020.  To see a list of what events fall under which program, just click below:

Southern Stars Events Program

Competitions are held on Saturday mornings.

Venue: Ern Clark Athletic Park (also known as Coker Park)

Time: starts 7:45am until 12:30pm (approx) – Twilight times vary. Please check program.

Day 1: involves the athlete’s March Past.


  • are called out to sites to compete in events in their respective age groups
  • are marshalled to sites from 7:45am
  • who are U6’s/U7’s can be accompanied in a group by an adult
  • must wear their Ranford Club uniform (red and navy vest and plain navy shorts) and suitable running shoes

Athletes will be issued with a number, an age group number and a sponsor’s badge that needs to be appropriately attached to the front of their uniform.

Competition Events

Ranford Athletics Club member running in a competitive race.
A Ranford Athletics Club member running in a competitive race