As the parent of a little athlete, you will be expected to assist on competition days.

Parents asked to help in some of the following duties:

  • Site Officials
  • Site Helpers
  • Canteen staff (3 Ranford canteens per season)
  • BBQ staff (3 Ranford canteens per season)
  • Additional help is required for BBQ fund raising

Clubs are required to provide parent helpers each week. At the commencement of the season a roster will be created with parents taking part in duties every 2-3 weeks. Duties are compulsory and a bond will be required before the season commences which will be forfeited if duties are not completed.

Also note that under our Duty of Care we are not able to accept unattended athletes aged 10 and under at training or competition. Please ensure that a parent or guardian is present for all athletes under the age of 11 for the entire duration of training and on competition days.

Parents help out as site officials
A parent helping out as a site official on a competition day

Example Roster